PST Repair Tool Features

Repair Outlook PST

You can easily repair, recover and split your PST file through Repair Outlook PST software. This is Three in one software to provide you the easy and efficient PST repair and recovery instantly. With lot of awards and positive response, you can download the software now.


Split PST File

With the same Outlook PST Repair software you can easily split your Large size PST file over 2 GB. The software helps you to get rid of your larger PST file (2 GB ) problem and at the same time helps you to repair your corrupted PST files. Also Recover Your PST Password.


PST Password Recovery

Apart from corrupted and damaged PST file repair and recovery, and also spliting large PST file you can also recover your lost PST Password using outlook pst repair software. With easy to use and efficient interfacce this software is popular in market.


Guide to remove Outlook 0x800CCC64 and 0x800ccc13 error in few steps

Are you searching a way to fix Outlook 0x800CCC64 error from the computer? Does your Outlook application is not responding for a few minutes? Have you faced the issue of not sending or receiving an email from the Outlook application? If yes then read the below article you will get the best and easy solution and download the tool that we are especially recommended for you in this article.

The Outlook is known to be as Outlook application which is most famous for sending emails or receiving the email from the Outlook to the other account. This application was well designed and manufactured by the Microsoft organization. This tool is also allowed to get other best features like reading journals, creates notes, browse the internet, and many more things also. But this Outlook application is sometimes showing errors then after that the user is not accessing them properly and facing a lot of problems. Once this error is later into the computer then it shows the error message: The File file_name.pst is not compatible with this version of the Personal Folders information service. Contact your Administrator and Outlook.pst is not compatible.

Error 1. 0x800CCC64:

The 0x800CCC64 is an Outlook error which is mainly received by the Outlook users at the time of browsing the Outlook application. This error is once occur in the Outlook application then it corrupts all important data and files from the system and makes your computer completely useless. The important files that are they are corrupted from the system like PST files, download an email attachment, Outlook saved emails, created notes, saved tasks, journals details and many more thing related with them easily without asking the permission of the user. It easily alters int all versions of Outlook are Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook to 2002, Outlook 2010, , Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and many more versions.

Causes of Outlook 0x800CCC64 error:

  • If the user is installed the incompatible hardware in the computer then the user is getting the error message when they are giving input to the computer and they are getting much irritated from this activity.

  • If the user is stores the PST files in another location then the user is never get that file in the computer and the also the application is get that files and they are start showing error message.

  • Sometimes the user is working with their Outlook application to send an email just by accessing the PST files then suddenly the power of the computer is gone then it leads to cause the corruption of files from the computer.

  • If the user is suddenly done the formatting of the computer then all saved or stored files are get lost from the computer and the user is not able to access their system and they are also not getting that files on there.

  • If any virus attacks on the system then all saved files are get corrupted from the computer and the user is getting the error message and installed application is also shows error on screen.

Error 2. 0x800ccc13 :

The Outlook 0x800ccc13 error is most of them occur in the computer when the user is taking any backup files from the computer. The Outlook users are doing that if they are updating the Outlook application then in the middle of them they are suddenly close the running application from the computer. If the system is not coming under the condition of Outlook application from the computer then they are causing to showing errors when the user is trying to run them. If any virus or malware attacks on the system then it infects the Outlook applications also. Few Outlook users improperly handle the Outlook application then due to that the user is not able to access them properly handling of Outlook like directly press the close button, improper installation of the application, saving bad location of PST files and many more things also.

Reasons for Outlook 0x800ccc13 error:

  • Some Outlook users are improperly close the running application due to that the PST files files arr get automatically loose from that application.

  • If the user is browsing the files from the computer and they suddenly press delete all button then due to that all stored file or folders included with the Outlook application running files then the application is not running properly.

  • In most of the cases the Outlook users have not deleted the emails from the Outlook which takes a lot of space and crosses the 2GB limited then they are responding slow and also the user is not accessing them properly.

  • Few Outlook users are not follow the Outlook installation rules and due to that the application is working properly for few days then after that thy are start showing error messages.

Tool to remove Outlook 0x800CCC64 and 0x800ccc13 error:

Outlook PST Repair Tool is one of the best tools which helps the user to remove Outlook 0x800CCC64 and 0x800ccc13 error or fix Outlook error. If the user has any query then they can use their trial version to check that this tool is working or not? But when the tool has encountered the errors from the Outlook application then that times they asked to download the full version of Outlook to fix that Outlook errors and also increase the performance of the computer. Also supportd to Outlook 2016. This software requires the operating system of Windows are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 95 and Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 R2, and Windows Server 2003.

The Outlook PST Repair Tool is must have a processor of Pentium Class which is the latest processor to process fast while using them. Internal memory required by this tool is 256MB and hard disk storage of 50MB to run this tool properly. SO, download the Outlook PST Repair Tool to remove Outlook 0x800CCC64 and 0x800ccc13 error quickly.

User Guide : How To Use Outlook Repair Software