PST Repair Tool Features

Repair Outlook PST

You can easily repair, recover and split your PST file through Repair Outlook PST software. This is Three in one software to provide you the easy and efficient PST repair and recovery instantly. With lot of awards and positive response, you can download the software now.


Split PST File

With the same Outlook PST Repair software you can easily split your Large size PST file over 2 GB. The software helps you to get rid of your larger PST file (2 GB ) problem and at the same time helps you to repair your corrupted PST files. Also Recover Your PST Password.


PST Password Recovery

Apart from corrupted and damaged PST file repair and recovery, and also spliting large PST file you can also recover your lost PST Password using outlook pst repair software. With easy to use and efficient interfacce this software is popular in market.


PST File appears of 0 KB after running CHKDSK & PST Recovery after it

Since PST files are comparatively more prone to corruption, their always exist good chances of facing corruption issues meanwhile using its application files. When talking of corruption causes with PST, no doubt there lies endless such reasons, and the most frequent of these is Oversized PST, others include faults with the application itself, system inconsistencies, virus infection & more. With any of these problems observed in outlook PST, it is likely to show abrupt functioning and the application data items may be made inaccessible as a result. Consequently, Outlook.pst data files would take too long to open or could just stay un-responsive and does not allow the data files to be opened. Here in a situation as such, prior data backup could be a life saver, aiding in getting rid of PST corruption.

In a particular case as such where outlook is used on Windows system and on finding some issues with the file, chkdsk is used so as to correct it. After successful completion of the process, when the file is tried to be accessed it says that the -' default email folders could not be opened. It is even more surprising & troublesome when you find the file size of PST is O KB, requiring the need of PST okb recovery at earliest possible.

The mere cause for PST to show as 0 bytes file size is its corruption, this particularly turn to severe instances if the processes concerned with CHKDSK viz. reindexing and reallocation of the file being repaired is not done properly.

How to fix PST 0 file size issues and have its data recovered?

It is recommended using Microsoft provided inbox repair utility to get rid of errors observed after use of CHKDSK and making file backup post the same is also necessary. You can get access to the tool with a double click on the scanpst.exe file, which is located in outlook folder, located in - :C\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 or C :\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 depending on the version of outlook used.

It includes certain steps, which on completion will display the message and the files items are accessible after that. However, if it does not happen as expected i.e. PST 0 Kb recovery is not done, file accessibility would not be possible. It points the use of PST repair utilities especially designed for scanning PST so as to fix the problems that exist within along with safe restore of file items to a new personal folder file.

User Guide : How To Use Outlook Repair Software