PST Repair Tool Features

Repair Outlook PST

You can easily repair, recover and split your PST file through Repair Outlook PST software. This is Three in one software to provide you the easy and efficient PST repair and recovery instantly. With lot of awards and positive response, you can download the software now.


Split PST File

With the same Outlook PST Repair software you can easily split your Large size PST file over 2 GB. The software helps you to get rid of your larger PST file (2 GB ) problem and at the same time helps you to repair your corrupted PST files. Also Recover Your PST Password.


PST Password Recovery

Apart from corrupted and damaged PST file repair and recovery, and also spliting large PST file you can also recover your lost PST Password using outlook pst repair software. With easy to use and efficient interfacce this software is popular in market.


How to fix Outlook 0x800CCCA2 and 0x800CCCA3 errors quickly

Is your is Windows system showing Outlook 0x800CCCA2 error on screen? Are your not able to send emails from Microsoft Outlook application? Did you want to get back lost or deleted emails from your computer? If you are suffering from these issues then you need to fix Outlook 0x800CCCA2 error easily. Read the below article you will get the best tools for this outlook error and also download the best error fixing the issue.

Outlook is one of the best application where the users get the best way to get the facility from the users. This is most famous due to its emails sending purposes. Here in this application, the users are getting sending emails, receiving emails, internet browsing, calendar, create notes, and many more things. But sometimes the user is getting the error message on the screen and after that, they are unable to access their application in a proper way.

Error 1. Outlook 0x800CCCA2 error:

The Outlook 0x800CCCA2 is an error code which generally occurs in the Microsoft Outlook application where the user gets a lot of problem after getting this error. This error has contains both the text and digits. It also denotes the location where the issue occurs but the user never gets the error location. This error has some symptoms that the user gets detect them by the users in their system.

Symptoms of Outlook 0x800CCCA2 error:

There are several symptoms that are responsible for the existing of this error. Some symptoms of this error are given below:

  • If this error is enter into the system then it is Suddenly crashes the active windows without asking the permission.

  • If the user is working with the application or program that are start infecting by the error then that time they frequently crash the active program or application.

  • Sometimes the user is giving the command or request and they are quick to get reply from that command. But this error existing in the system then they are much more delaying for giving the output of the device when they are working with them.

  • Few Outlook users observe that if they are working with the system then they are work with the Outlook application then they are periodical freezes the system such that the user gets much more irritated from this activity.

Causes of Outlook 0x800CCCA2 error:

  • This error is existing in the Windows system is due to that if the files that are related wit the Microsoft Outlook is get corrupted from the drive.

  • Sometimes the computer is infected by the virus than in time the user is getting that their system files or applications are not working properly and maximum time showing error message on a screen.

  • If the files related with the Microsoft Outlook is get stored in the other location then it is also caused to showing error on screen.

2. Outlook 0x800CCCA3 error:

The 0x800CCCA3 is also an error code which mainly exists in the Microsoft Outlook application where the user gets that their system is very slow responding or start freezing for every few minutes. This Outlook error code also contains both text and digits. In this error code format, the user is also suffering from all other several issues like not sending emails, corruption of emails from the outlook application. In most of the times, the user is receiving this error on the computer screen when their system is infected by the virus or other activity.

Cause to Outlook 0x800CCCA3 error:

There are several things responsible for existing this Outlook error in the Windows systems. Some reasons of this Outlook error are given below:

  • If the user is working the users system and they are connected the infected device with the system then the virus is alter into the system and all files and applications are get corrupted.

  • Few system users are doing that they are formatted their system and in that case, all saved files related with the files get loose from the computer such that the application does not get the files to run properly such that they are showing error message on the screen.

  • If the user downloads the Microsoft Outlook application files and folders from the site then, in that case, they are a check that the site is genuine or not. Due to the that they are not accessing the Outlook application properly.

Tools to fix Outlook 0x800CCCA2 and 0x800CCCA3 error:

Outlook PST Repair Tool is the best tool which is the best tool to fix the Outlook 0x800CCCA2 and 0x800CCCA3 error. This tool has also a trial version where the user is a check that the stool is working or not. If the user is want to check that this tool is working or not then they download the trial version and start working with them. But this only shows the preview of the fixed error but the user needs to buy this tool to permanently fix the Outlook error.

Outlook PST Repair Tool also helps the user to repair damaged emails, lost chats, email attachments, and many more things. This also helps the user to repair all PST files including the severely corrupted or encrypted PST files. The most important thing about this tool is that it supports to the all Microsoft Outlook versions like Outlook 2016, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2000. If the user is want to download this tool then they need to check some details like memory space, OS and many more things. The user must have a Pentium class processor due to that they are working fast. This tool is supported the systems are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. The memory space is required by this tool are minimum 1GB RAM and hard disk of space 100MB. So, download the Outlook PST Repair Tool to fix Outlook 0x800CCCA2 and 0x800CCCA3 error. Download now.


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