PST Repair Tool Features

Repair Outlook PST

You can easily repair, recover and split your PST file through Repair Outlook PST software. This is Three in one software to provide you the easy and efficient PST repair and recovery instantly. With lot of awards and positive response, you can download the software now.


Split PST File

With the same Outlook PST Repair software you can easily split your Large size PST file over 2 GB. The software helps you to get rid of your larger PST file (2 GB ) problem and at the same time helps you to repair your corrupted PST files. Also Recover Your PST Password.


PST Password Recovery

Apart from corrupted and damaged PST file repair and recovery, and also spliting large PST file you can also recover your lost PST Password using outlook pst repair software. With easy to use and efficient interfacce this software is popular in market.


Fixing issue of Outlook Email Messages Stuck in Outbox

When emails are sent through outlook, it gets automatically stored within the personal folder's outbox folder and thereon to the sent items folder, the process goes on a steady manner & is repeated at every attempt when mails are being sent. However, there are certain instances when a email is sent they are moved to the outbox folder, but may not be sent. This may be troublesome if you have some important data in email to be send on time, but that could not be done. Apart, from this issues may turn more even more problematic in the longer imposing number of adverse functioning on outlook. As such it is supposed to be of extreme importance to have the outlook emails stuck in outbox issues rectified at the earliest.

Causes for outlook email message stuck in Outbox -

  • Accessing or opening mails from outbox before it could be sent
  • If you are not connected to remote server i.e. you are working offline
  • Replying to messages from old account
  • Corrupt or incompatible add-ins
  • .PAB or the personal address book file is damaged
  • .PST or personal storage table is corrupted & cannot be functioned

How to fix issues of email stuck in outbox outlook 2003, 2007?

To proceed with the resolution of problems of non-sending outlook emails, users need to have the error cause revealed, without which the appropriate fix could not be applied, being variant in all cases. Following section describes the fixes for different situations, which are as follows -

1. Usually when emails are sent, outlook moves it to outbox, thereafter connection with the server is made by it for moving the messages to destination asked, which does include the process of saving a copy of the message in sent items folder. However, if the outbox moved files are accessed in between, it results in unnecessary change in the file & the sending process is failed as a result.

2. To fix 'work offline' problem, offline use option need to be checked off and thereafter check whether the emails could be sent or not.

3. It is the general functioning of outlook that it tries for the messages to be sent through the same account it was received and in case the old account is unavailable, one would keep observing problems on a continuous note, so for the error to be solved, it is considered creating a new message from new account.

4. Add-ins such as old netscape extension and many others related to emails sent/receive process are one of the most known causes and is resolved by adding new-add-ins in place.

5. Damaged PAB or PST file are to be repaired using Inbox Repair Tool , the message should be copied and sent from the new mail. In the very process one may opt for creating a new personal folder file or a new outlook account.

Now, trying sending messages once again and they would be sent without facing issues of outlook 2007, 2003 emails stuck in outbox very easily.

User Guide : How To Use Outlook Repair Software