PST Repair Tool Features

Repair Outlook PST

You can easily repair, recover and split your PST file through Repair Outlook PST software. This is Three in one software to provide you the easy and efficient PST repair and recovery instantly. With lot of awards and positive response, you can download the software now.


Split PST File

With the same Outlook PST Repair software you can easily split your Large size PST file over 2 GB. The software helps you to get rid of your larger PST file (2 GB ) problem and at the same time helps you to repair your corrupted PST files. Also Recover Your PST Password.


PST Password Recovery

Apart from corrupted and damaged PST file repair and recovery, and also spliting large PST file you can also recover your lost PST Password using outlook pst repair software. With easy to use and efficient interfacce this software is popular in market.


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To access the outlook emails smoothly, you need to fix outlook error 0x800ccc0f. You can make use of PST repair software which can fix 0x800ccc0f error within few clicks only. | 09/05/2012 | More...

Convert old PST to new – ANSI to UNICODE PST conversion

Since the introduction of Outlook 2003 & 2007 which is based on Unicode formatting, users have been willing to upgrade to it to have better functions & increased storage and it recommended by Microsoft as well, however no utility for the very purpose is provided. Know how to convert old ANSI PST to Unicode PST. | 09/07/2011 | More...

Corrupt PST file repair

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Fix "Outlook data file did not close properly" error

Outlook data errors are quite troublesome and may occur at any point of time post upgrades, closing outlook improperly, add-in, antivirus etc and the issues has to be dealt in a specific way to make outlook accessible once again. | 17/05/2011 | More...

Download Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2010 to Repair Corrupted PST Files

Download Inbox Repair Tool Outlook 2010 now to repair your corrupted outlook application. However you can also make use of genuine PST repair software which can amazingly fix minor and major corruption issues of outlook. | 10/03/2012 | More...

How to solve “An unexpected error prevented access to this file” error in Outlook

You get “An unexpected error prevented access to this file” error in Outlook, when you try to open email message or any PST object. Reason is corruption but there is a simple and perfect solution with Inbox repair tool outlook. more..

Fix Outlook Error 'Inbox Repair Tool Does Not Recognize PST'!

At times due to several reasons PST file of Microsoft Outlook gets corrupt and Inbox Repair Tool fails to recognize its PST file. In that situation to repair the corrupt PST file and to get the data back Outlook PST Repair software needs to be used. | 22/02/2011 | More...

Resolving ‘an extension failed to initialize can’t open extend.dat’ error

At the time of loading outlook or at a time when emails are opened the error as ‘an extension failed to initialize cannot open file extend.dat’ may be encountered. This is so far difficult to be dealt with as this does not allow email accessing. Renaming the extend.dat may fix the error, but for other cases outlook reinstallation is to be done. | 25/06/2011 | More...

Fixing issue of Outlook Email Messages Stuck in Outbox

To fix outlook outbox emails stuck issues try one of the methods as correcting connection issues, damaged PAB or PST files or corrupt add-ins as per the cause may be as only upon this it is possible to rectify the issues with efficiency. The problem may occur in outlook 2003, 2007 and has to be resolved with efficiency. | 19/09/2011 | More...

Fix Outlook Error 0x800ccc0f Now to Make Outlook Emails Accessible

To access the outlook emails smoothly, you need to fix outlook error 0x800ccc0f. You can make use of PST repair software which can fix 0x800ccc0f error within few clicks only. | 09/05/2012 | More...

Resolving error ‘Microsoft office outlook has stopped working’

Outlook at times throws ‘Microsoft office outlook has stopped working’ at the time of startup and closing the application as well. Damaged PST file or outlook installation damage may cause this error and has to be resolved according by reinstalling application or repairing PST. | 10/06/2011 | More...

Outlook locks up when opening emails, calendar - how to resolve it

Outlook locks up when opening emails, calendar & other items, it items might be damaged & wont allow have access to the data items. This requires scan & analysis of the data file for obtaining data back for use. This tool supports outlook 2003, 2007 & 2010 ensuring complete recovery. | 9/09/2011 | More...

How to fix ‘this personal folders file is already in use’ error when importing PST?

When importing outlook data file error as – the personal folder file is already in use’ may be received, which states corruption & other issues the file is observing & can be fixed only after resolving the issue. | 10/05/2011 | More...

How to resolve outlook error ‘.pst is being reconciled with the indexer’?

Outlook uses index files to locate files from the PST file database for access & if it gets corrupt or if the file itself is damaged ‘.pst is being reconciled with the indexer’ error message is shown while starting the application. PST repair is then done so as to fix errors taking place. | 24/05/2011 | More...

Location of Inbox repair tool 2007 and other way to fix the corruption issue if it doesnot work

Sometimes you are not able to find Inbox repair tool outlook 2007 or it doesn’t fix the issue of corruption in Outlook 2007 and come up with another error message at that time to solve the issue of corruption you need. more..

Inbox Repair Tool Error has Occurred in Outlook 2010:-What to Do

Fix Inbox Repair Tool Error has occurred, error quickly. And in the case if the error persists, then just use professional PST repair software which amazingly resolve outlook corruption and thus make the application stable.| 17/04/2012 | More...

Inbox Repair Tool Fails to Fix Outlook Corruption

If your inbox repair tool fails to fix outlook corruption, and you are unable to access your PST files then do not panic. Just get PST repair software which can fix outlook corruption issues within few easy steps only and thus make PST files accessible.| 24/04/2012 | More...

When Inbox repair tool freezes or hangs up

When inbox repair tool freezes or hangs up while repairing then you can follow any one of the solution but if these also not work then take help from this tool. | 06/09/2010 | more..

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding:- Causes and Solution

If your Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Not Responding, then do not bother. Just get PST repair software which is one of the finest solution to resolve outlook corruption issues. | 25/01/2012 | More...

How to fix error-- Internal errors were found in this file

When you try to repair corrupted PST file through inbox repair tool scanpst.exe you may receive error message internal errors were found in this file. To fix this follow this | 24/04/10 | more..

Stop Ms Outlook error 0x800408ff

Ms Outlook error 0x800408ff is the timed out error which makes unable to send or receive email message. There are some steps which need to be follow to stop 0x800408ff error. | more.. | 26/09/2010

Microsoft Outlook 0×800ccc0d Error

Outlook 0×800ccc0d Error stops you to send or receive email messages from Outlook. This is Outlook time out error and to Fix Outlook Error 0×800ccc0d, need to follow these steps. | 18/11/2010 | more..

Outlook 2007 Repair Tool:- Get an Easy Way to Repair Corrupted Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 repair tool is now available which is based on strong algorithm and can amazingly resolve outlook corruption. The tool easily repair corrupted outlook PST files and thus make it accessible. | 02/05/2012 | More...

What to do when Outlook 2010 closes unexpectedly or crash

If Outlook 2010 closes unexpectedly, outlook 2010 crashes while launching on Windows 7 or Log in to server, it means there are some problem in Outlook application which need to be fixed. | 27/10/2010 | more...

Outlook 2010 Error 0x80070057

Users get an unknown error 0x80070057 in Outlook 2010 when Outlook try to automatically find server setting by connecting with Microsoft Exchange server 2003. Resolve it. | 16/12/2010 | more..

Outlook error-- Attempting to validate BBT refcounts

If you are getting Outlook error “Attempting to validate BBT refcounts” while you are using inbox repair tool utility then you can try these steps to fix it out. | 08/10/2010 | more..

How to fix ‘Outlook cannot display this view. Unknown error’?

In addition to outlook personal folder file, other folders may also be created in outlook and it can then be switched off between to access data. But, in cases, it may not happen so & the application shows error Outlook cannot display this view unknown error. | 24/05/2011 | More...

How to fix the issue of “outlook cannot perform search”?

Outlook cannot perform your search or outlook can’t search error message may be generated by outlook from time to time on account of number of reasons such as issues with windows search installation, PST file corruption etc & that needs to be fixed properly.| 2/05/2011 | More...

Fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0f

With the 0x800ccc0f error, users are not able to send or receive email message and also in future there are chances of losing stored email. To fix Outlook error 0x800ccc0f just follow up with these solutions steps. | 18/05/2010 |more...

Fix Outlook Error ‘0X80040154'

Sometimes most of the outlook users face Outlook Error ‘0×80040154' whenever they try to send or receive email messages. To fix out this Receiving reported error 0x80040154, you need to follow out these steps. | 11/04/2010 | more..

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Errors Should be Fixed Quickly

If you are also unable to repair corrupted PST files due to the occurrence of Outlook Inbox Repair Tool Errors, then just use genuine PST repair software. The utility is based on latest algorithm which can repair corrupted outlook PST files within few easy steps only. | 10/04/2012 | More...

PST file repair tool to repair corrupt PST

PST file repair software is professional tool which is efficient to repair PST file which has been corrupted or damage and become inaccessible. With maintaining data integrity you can make PST file accessible and save objects stored in it. | 13/04/09 | more..

PST File appears of 0 KB after running CHKDSK & PST Recovery after it

At times when CHKDSK is used to repair damaged PST files, the process seems to have completed successfully but the file does not open and its size is shown as 0 KB. At that point of time, one should use the inbox repair tool to have the PST 0 Kb recovery done & the file items safely stored for access. | 12/10/2011 | More...

How to use scanost.exe, OST integrity Check Tool to fix OST

Time & again synchronization results into inconsistency & like issues with offline folder files & exchange server mailbox, as such the items may be missing etc. To fix these issues scanost.exe is used that scan & fix errors reported by the application. | 18/06/2011 | More...

Scanpst.exe Errors Outlook 2007:- Fix it Now

Fix Scanpst.exe Errors Outlook 2007 immediately. It is suggested to make use of powerful PST file repair software which can easily repair the corrupted outlook and thus make it stable. | 20/02/2012 | More...

Outlook inbox repair tool scanpst.exe vista download

If you are receiving error while working in outlook 2007 PST files used on Windows vista, Microsoft recommends using Inbox repair tool vista, that can be located from office folder or scanpst.exe vista download may also be done. Know how to fix PST with inbox repair tool. | 2/07/2011 | More...

Scanpst.exe in Windows 7

Now end the discussion Where is scanpst.exe in windows 7. Here you can get Scanpst.exe in Windows 7 location. Use this tool to repair corrupted PST file. | 23/07/2010 |more..

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